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May 13, 2003
Vol. LV, No. 10

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NIAID's Cabral Receives Soros Fellowship

Ho To Lecture
on HIV-1 Replication

Inn Expansion Benefits
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NCI Hosts Poster Session for Would-Be Conference Goers

NLM, Partners Launch Patient Information Program

History Office Examines Fifties Intramural Research

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NIH Awards Clear Communication
Veteran Journalist Cokie Roberts Lauds 'Plain Language'

By Carla Garnett

Cokie Roberts
Although the origin of the "K.I.S.S. principle" may be in debate, most professional communicators can agree with its curt advice: "Keep It Simple, Stupid." That guiding principle, adopted government-wide several years ago under the federal Plain Language Initiative, was once again celebrated at NIH on Apr. 23 with an awards ceremony honoring writers, editors and other communicators whose products hit the mark.
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From Transylvania, With Love
Call of Wild Lures NCI Artist-Scientist Marcu

By Rich McManus

On her morning walk to work at a low-rise rental facility in the biotech 'burbs off Route 28 in Rockville, NCI scientist Dr. Monica Marcu passes one of the last active farms in mid-Montgomery County. Seeing the horses and cows there is as much a stimulant to her workday as a snort of coffee is to most of her fellow NIH'ers. That's because nature is her refuge, her nourishment and, quite often, the subject matter of an artistry she has mastered in just the last half decade or so: "paintography," or photography enhanced by brushstrokes applied to color slides either manually or digitally.
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