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Commuter Fair Urges NIH'ers to Consider Alternatives

Photos by Bill Branson

In order to persuade more NIH'ers to leave their cars at home and use alternate modes of transportation when commuting to work, the Division of Public Safety, ORS, held its second annual Employee Commuter Transportation Fair on Apr. 12 in the Natcher Bldg. lobby. Some 2,300 employees showed up to sample options provided by more than 20 commuting groups ranging from bicyclists, to vanpoolers and carpoolers, said Tom Hayden of DPS. Vanpool operators were given special recognition for their efforts in relieving traffic congestion during rush hours. To learn more about alternative ways to get to work, call 402-RIDE.

A visitor to the Vanpool Services Inc. table signs up for more information on the VPSI program.

CIT's Jim Tomlin (l) and Carl Henn (c) of the NIH Bicycle Club offer suggestions on commuting by bike to a visitor to their booth.

CIT's Tomlin (r), who occasionally bikes in to work from his home in Olney, inspects a bike map with a fellow cycling enthusiast.

Laura Chin (l) of the Montgomery County commuter services section greets visitors to her table, which was decorated by blooming tulips.

At the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority booth, visitors received complementary WMATA key necklaces. WMATA operates both the Metro subway system and Metro buses.

Plenty of good cheer is evident at this table, manned by Buddy Alves of the Maryland Mass Transit Administration.

A representative of the Washington Metropolitan Council of Governments (r) chats with a visitor to her table.

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