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May 28, 2002
Vol. LIV, No. 11

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NINR Cohosts Multiethnic Nursing Conference

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'Place of Hope and Healing' Gets New Wing
Children's Inn To Make Room for More Families

By Carla Garnett

Hoping never again to have to say "there's no room at the inn," officials at the Children's Inn at NIH broke ground on Apr. 24 for an addition to the enormously successful 12-year-old temporary residence for families of children undergoing treatment at the Clinical Center.
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'NIH Rocks!'
Youngsters Bring Vitality to Workplace

By Rich McManus
Children were invited to make TYCW posters at day's end.

Like a sort of magic bullet pharmaceutical, injected into the veins of a bulky patient, the 1,400-some children who participated in Take Your Child to Work Day 2002 at NIH on Apr. 25 brought smiles and vitality everywhere they went. They could be found working their transformation literally everywhere, from the lobby exhibit at the National Library of Medicine, to the 14th floor of the Clinical Center, to the Children's Inn and points in between. At each stop, NIH employees and volunteers hung out the shingle of openness and affection to a very special group of children — our own. And from most accounts, the kids loved their parents' and caregivers' workplace.
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