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Scenes from Take Your Child to Work Day 2000

NIH opened its campus to dozens of future scientists, physicians, science administrators and research support staff on Apr. 27, Take Your Child to Work Day 2000. The event was an opportunity to introduce school children ages 8 to 15 to the world of biomedical research and to the wide array of skills and services needed to support it. The day offered hands-on labs, workshops and demonstrations.

"A day at work will help your child discover the link between what they do in school and success in the real world," according to event organizers. "We hope that this event will inspire your child, open their eyes to new possibilities, and encourage future careers in science."

Activities included "Tour of the Brain"; display of mouse/rat housing and food; "How do you make teeth and bones?"; an oral bacteria collection demonstration; face painting; "A Brainy Adventure," hands-on interactive events illustrating how nerve cells and the brain work; "What blood type are you?"; "Kids TV — See yourself on television"; and "Introduction to Transplant Organs." Artwork of some of the day's activities, produced by the young people, will be posted on the web site at

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