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IntraMall Team Wins Hammer Award

NIH's IntraMall team was recently awarded Vice President Gore's Hammer Award for its innovative, full-service system that harnesses the power of Internet technology to streamline federal procurement. This pioneering e-commerce program provides product information, online ordering, and sophisticated accounting and budget functions, all customized for the federal procurement community.

Hammer Awards are presented to teams of federal employees who develop innovative programs to make government work better and achieve results important to the American public. The recipients are given a $6 hammer, which is symbolic of the $400 hammer that inspired Gore to create this award in 1994. With the IntraMall, NIH has been able to satisfy researchers' equipment and supply needs while saving time and money with every purchase.

"We are delighted that the IntraMall not only has been a success within the NIH, but that it also impresses Vice President Gore as a program worthy of recognition," said Mary Ann Guerra, deputy director for management of the National Cancer Institute and leader of the project.

NCI's Mary Ann Guerra is leader of the IntraMall project.

The IntraMall was tested in January 1998 at NCI before it was adopted throughout NIH in June 1998. Now, all 18 institutes and six centers that comprise NIH have access to this growing e-commerce site. Growth of vendors and products has also been considerable, with projections of more than 1 million products available during the summer of 2000.

By using the IntraMall system in conjunction with the government credit card, NIH has decreased its processing cost per order from an average of about $50 per order to $5. Considering that NIH spends more than $1 billion each year for laboratory supplies and equipment, savings on this scale are substantial.

In addition to Guerra, members of the original IntraMall development team include: Karen Ortner, Jed Rifkin, Janice Romanoff, and Jeffrey Weiner, NCI; Alan Graeff and Don Preuss, then of the Clinical Center; Laura McNay and Alex Rosenthal, NIAID; Patrick Sullivan, NIDDK; Dennis George and Danielle Kaczensky, CIT; Gary Kelley and Donald Kemp, OPM; and Richard Nelson, OD.

NIH has joined with to continue expanding the IntraMall program, making it a model for digital e-commerce.

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