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NCRR Celebrates 40th Anniversary

This month marks the 40th anniversary of the National Center for Research Resources. While NCRR has undergone several transformations and slight name changes over the years, the sustaining goal has remained the same — providing the research resources that enable biomedical discovery.

These resources extend across biomedical research disciplines, to all of the extramural programs of the NIH institutes, and enable scientific advances that lead to lifesaving drugs, devices and therapies.

NCRR is celebrating its anniversary with a special edition of the NCRR Reporter, a quarterly publication that is designed to foster communication, collaboration and resource-sharing in areas of current interest to biomedical scientists. The spring issue highlights the importance of infrastructure support to advances in: studies of hypertension; organ transplantation; imaging tools and computers; mass spectrometry and structural biology; and identification of an AIDS-like virus in nonhuman primates.

The magazine can be found in kiosks in Bldgs. 1, 10, 31 and 38A. Off-campus kiosks are located in the Federal Bldg., Executive Plaza North and Rockledge 1. The publication also can be accessed online at

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