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Office Supply Delivery Offered

The Office of Logistics Acquisition Operations (OLAO) has contracted with the Blind Industries and Services of Maryland (BISM) to provide NIH with online purchasing and next-day delivery of office supplies. The website, is slated to come online in late August. Be on the lookout for more information about this important development.

NIH customers can look forward to a greatly expanded inventory of products to choose from as well as next-day delivery of office supplies right to their desks. Many have commented on recent changes in the self-service stores, especially the streamlining of selection of office supplies at on-campus stores. OLAO, which runs the Self-Service Stores, has introduced many of these changes in an effort to expand and better serve the needs of the research and scientific community. While OLAO focuses greater attention on its services to the sciences at NIH, BISM will step in to cover the agency's office-supply needs. Making your online, faxed or phone-ordered purchases through BISM will ensure that your office is in compliance with federal regulations regarding government purchases and the Javits-Wagner-O'Day Act. Stay tuned for more detailed information coming in mid-August.

On hand at the signing ceremony for the new office-supply purchasing contract are (seated) Tina Tiffany, Office of Logistics Acquisition Operations contracting officer, and Fred Puente, president, Blind Industries and Services of Maryland. Looking on are (from l) Paul Becker, director of sales, BISM; David Ramos, acting deputy director for administration and acting director, OLAO; Ed Wilgus, acting director, Division of Station Support Acquisition; and Ricardo Gomez, OLAO program analyst.

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