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NIH'ers Honored by Department

A cadre of NIH employees were among those recognized May 13 at the 1999 HHS Honor Awards Ceremony, presided over by Secretary Donna Shalala. Winning the Secretary's Award for Distinguished Service were:

For their role on the secretary's asthma initiative working group: Rob Fulwood, Andrea Harabin, Suzanne Hurd, Claude Lenfant, George Malindzak, Peter Muehrer, Sheila Newton, Jerry Phelps, Marshall Plaut, Andre Premen, Daniel Rotrosen, Hilary Sigmon, Stanley Slater, Virginia Taggart, Sumner Yaffe, Darryl Zeldin.

For their part in the Smoke-Free Kids & Soccer campaign: William Lynn, Marc Manley, Shelli Miller, Theresa Powers, Barbara Stewart.

For service on the National Guideline Clearinghouse Project Team: Marjorie Cahn, Maureen Prettyman.

For innovation and customer service in managing the NIH committee management and executive secretariat offices: Dr. Vida Beaven.

For exceptional performance in commercializing HHS research discoveries and developing public health policy: Dr. Maria Freire.

For leveraging information technology and fiscal resources to provide NIH a world-class science resource from its desktops: Suzanne Grefsheim.

For exceptional leadership of the global effort to identify a safe and effective vaccine to prevent HIV/AIDS: Dr. Carole Heilman.

For their role on the Maternal/Fetal HIV Transmission Reduction Team: Lynne Mofenson, Anne Willoughby.

Also recognized on the occasion was NIAID's Dr. Louis Miller, who won the Executive Excellence Award for Executive Achievement from the Senior Executives Association "for advancing our understanding of malaria at the molecular level, while encouraging the development of vaccines to control malaria in endemic regions of the world."

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