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Asian Heritage Programs Combine Cuisine, Performing Arts

Photos by Bill and Ernie Branson

Janet Nguyen (l) and Ihsia Hu demonstrate the art of calligraphy.

Customers pore over selections from the Korean Corner restaurant. Dishes from a variety of Asian traditions were available to a large lunch-hour crowd.

A Balinese dancer in traditional headdress balances a cup.

Indian dancer crouches during dance.

Performing a traditional Japanese tea ceremony are members of Urasenke Tradition of Tea, Washington Branch. Proceeds from the luncheon were donated to the Children's Inn at NIH.

Employees of Bethesda's Tako Grill serve Japanese food at the lunch-hour event on May 11.

A Chinese dancer performs with veils during the Asian Heritage evening program.

A member of the Cambodian dance troupe strikes a dramatic pose.

Filipino dancers gesture toward the audience.

In the Filipino dance segment, a swordsman comes to the aid of a princess.

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