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nVision Coming Soon to NIH

nVision, the next generation data warehouse, will soon be available. nVision is a modernization and major update to the NIH Data Warehouse (DW), an enterprise reporting system that is currently in use at NIH. The DW will continue to support NIH until all of its reports and functionality have been migrated to nVision. This migration will occur by business area.

The goal of nVision is to integrate data from NIH enterprise systems to eventually become a broad-based tool allowing NIH decision-makers easy access to that data via the web. nVision will offer the latest reporting and business intelligence technology and will be the reporting solution for the NIH Business System (NBS). NBS will be nVision's initial source for business information.

The first nVision business area to be offered will be travel, and is scheduled for release later this year in conjunction with the new NBS Travel System. nVision Travel will display information received from the NBS Travel System as well as historical travel information going back to FY 1999. The reports contain data related to travel authorizations (formerly known as travel orders), travel vouchers, staff on travel and travel-related expenses.

If you are familiar with DW Travel reports, you will not only get the same type of information from nVision Travel, but you will also get new data from the NBS Travel System, and the advantages of the latest industry-leading technology. nVision Travel will deliver powerful features, greater system flexibility and a more intuitive interface. After the nVision Travel business area is released, DW Travel report functionality and data will only be available in nVision. Eventually, nVision will include the same variety of business areas that are currently found in the DW, and more.

nVision will afford users expanded capabilities over what is currently offered in the DW. nVision is following the NIH initiative to provide users easier access to enterprise systems via the NIH Portal. Using your NIH login ID, the NIH Portal will offer single sign-on access to enterprise systems such as nVision, NBS and ITAS. As a web-based system, nVision is accessible from any PC, Mac or Unix system. nVision will offer several useful new features such as summary reports that allow you to drill down to view the details. The data can be saved in a variety of formats to be used with other applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF). You can collect and organize your most often-used reports in a convenient "Favorites" folder. Additionally, the new search feature enables you to find a specific report based on report title, folder name or individual field name.

On Wednesday, July 30, beginning at 10 a.m. in the Clinical Center's Lipsett Amphitheater, members of the nVision team will present Introduction to nVision — a 1-hour presentation highlighting the Travel business area. If you are a current DW user, or if you have a need for quick and easy travel reports, plan to attend. This will be a great opportunity to learn about the features and benefits of nVision, and to see for yourself how this new reporting system looks and operates. The presentation is open to the NIH community.

Visit the nVision web site at to learn more.

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