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Scientist Volunteers Wanted

The American Physical Society (APS) is seeking volunteers to help implement science education reform in Montgomery County elementary schools. The schools are equipped with new curriculum and instructional materials designed toward a more "hands-on" approach to learning. The next step is training teachers how to use the new science teaching kits. That's where scientist volunteers can help. The APS will integrate scientists into teacher workshops, where they can be a resource for both the content and process of science.

Scientists wishing to participate first attend a 1-day workshop either on Aug. 26 or Aug. 29 at the American Center for Physics in College Park. There, scientists become familiar with the teaching kits, discuss national science education reform efforts, and plan their roles in the teacher workshops. Scientists are then asked to attend four 3-hour teacher workshops over the next year. The APS also encourages scientists to make some classroom visits throughout the year.

To register, fill out the registration form at or send your name, mailing address and phone number to Kevin Aylesworth, American Physical Society, One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740, The deadline for registration is Aug. 19. Only new volunteers should register. Ongoing volunteers will receive information directly from APS.

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