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Dr. Catherine Lewis

Dr. Catherine Lewis is the new chief of the Biophysics Branch of NIGMS' Division of Cell Biology and Biophysics. She joined NIGMS in 1989 as a program director for the field of chromosome organization and mechanics. Since 1994, she has also handled grants relating to the biophysics of nucleic acids. At that time, she also became alternate project officer of NIGMS' Human Genetic Mutant Cell Repository. Prior to joining NIGMS, Lewis worked as a staff fellow in the physical chemistry section of NIDDK's Laboratory of Molecular Biology. She earned her Ph.D. in biochemistry from Princeton University.

Dr. Stephen I. Katz

The International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS) has named NIAMS director Dr. Stephen I. Katz as its newest president. He will serve a 5-year term and lead ILDS at the time of its 20th World Congress of Dermatology in Paris in 2002. ILDS objectives include stimulating worldwide cooperation of dermatology and other groups interested in cutaneous medicine and biology, promoting the advancement of dermatological education, care, and sciences, and encouraging and supporting enhanced education in the developing world where skin problems cause considerable morbidity.

Dr. W. Sue Shafer

Dr. W. Sue Shafer has been named deputy director of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. She will continue to serve as director of the NIGMS Division of Extramural Activities, a position she has held since 1989. She came to NIH in 1974 as a health scientist administrator in the Cellular and Molecular Basis of Disease Program, NIGMS. In 1978, she became chief of the instrumentation section of NIGMS' Physiology and Biomedical Engineering Program. In 1983, she joined what is now the National Center for Research Resources as chief of the Office of Program Planning and Evaluation, and in 1987 she moved to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, serving first as deputy director of the Division of Basic Research and then as the division's acting director. She returned to NIGMS in 1989. She has a strong interest in the instrumentation needs of the biomedical research community and has worked to increase the number of minority scientists engaged in biomedical research.

Dr. William Bara-Jimenez

Dr. William Bara-Jimenez, shown at right with NINDS clinical director Dr. Mark Hallett, has joined the human motor control section of the NINDS Medical Neurology Branch as a senior staff fellow. He is conducting electrophysiological studies of human motor control and learning advanced electroencephalogram research techniques. His fellowship is partially funded by the Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation. "We at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke are delighted to be partners with the Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation in sponsoring this promising physician-scientist and in furthering research on restless legs syndrome," said Dr. Zach W. Hall, NINDS director.

NINR Adds Five to Advisory Council

Five new members recently joined the National Advisory Council for Nursing Research: Drs. Dorothy Brooten, Steven A. Finkler, Mary L. de Leon Siantz, Judith H. LaRosa and Ada M. Lindsey.

Brooten, of Case Western Reserve University and the Institute of Medicine, is a nationally recognized expert on the prevention and care of low birth weight infants.

NINR director Dr. Patricia Grady (fourth from l) welcomes new members to the National Advisory Council for Nursing Research. They are (from l) Drs. Mary de Leon Siantz, Dorothy Brooten, Ada Lindsey and Steven A. Finkler. Absent is Dr. Judith LaRosa.

De Leon Siantz's expertise is in minority health issues and mental health nursing. She teaches at Indiana University School of Nursing.

Finkler is a professor at New York University and edits Hospital Cost Management and Accounting.

LaRosa is professor at Tulane University and project director of the Tulane Cancer Center and associate project director of the National Science Foundation's Louisiana Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research.

Lindsey, of the College of Nursing, University of Nebraska Medical Center, brings research experience in physiology, and issues of coping and self-care of cancer patients.

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