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Day Care Oversight Board Seeks Nominees

The NIH day care oversight board is seeking volunteers to serve as members for a 3-year term. Established by the NIH director in July 1992, the board works to ensure that day care programs and access to day care facilities are fairly administered and that applicable standards are met by existing programs, and new programs are developed as necessary to serve the special needs of NIH'ers; establishes policy for future day care centers; and serves as a focal point for NIH's day care concerns.

The board currently meets bimonthly for 2 hours. Attendance at these meetings is critical. Membership requires participation on either standing subcommittees or ad-hoc subcommittees formed to meet specific purposes. Subcommittee participation requires time commitments beyond bimonthly meetings.

Membership provides an opportunity to serve fellow employees and their families. Membership is an official duty and may be included as a noncritical element on an employee's performance plan. Members are selected to be representative of the diverse NIH population. Voting members may not have a financial interest in NIH-sponsored day care, except that they may have a dependent enrolled in NIH day care programs.

Needed are individuals with professional or academic expertise in early childhood education, human development, developmental psychology or neurology, expertise in the evaluation or auditing of programs, or a strong interest in the provision and quality of NIH day care. Also sought are experts in financial business management, fundraising and health and safety.

Individuals may self-nominate for membership by sending a letter to the Director, DSFM, EPS/Suite 200. Include name, NIH mailing address, ICD, branch, section, job title and a brief biographical sketch. Also, describe why you wish to serve on the board and specify any special concerns or interests related to day care and human development. Nominations should not exceed 2 pages. Because of the time commitment required, supervisory concurrence is recommended prior to submission of nominations. New member nominations will be made for January 1998. Nominations received later than Nov. 30 will be considered only if board openings remain.

For more information or to receive a copy of the board's charter, contact Chris Steyer, 6-6334.

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