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New Loading Dock Management Program

The Office of Research Facilities (ORF) recently initiated a new contracted service — Loading Dock Management Services. The purpose is to facilitate smooth and efficient operation of loading docks for NIH facilities. "Dock managers" will coordinate incoming and outgoing deliveries, maintain cleanliness and appearance and oversee the security and safety of the loading docks. In addition to the day-to-day operations, as a custom service for a fee, loading dock managers can provide after-hours access for office moves, construction projects or special deliveries.

ORF began rolling out the first phase of the loading dock management program in June when docks in Bldgs. 31, 45, 50, 36 and Rockledge II received the first managers. Since each building and dock area has some unique requirements, ORF facility managers are working closely with the building occupants to make sure the service is suited to the needs of the facility. They will continue to work with IC staff to implement the second phase of docks being brought under the service this fall.

MATCOM is the contractor working with ORF to provide this service. All dock managers will be wearing MATCOM uniforms and have NIH IDs so they will be easily recognized. They will be responsible for tracking all materials going in and out of the buildings through the dock area, checking drivers' IDs and delivery manifests. Records will be kept of all incoming deliveries and property being removed through the loading docks. NIH staff will be asked to provide property passes when removing equipment — so make sure you have your property pass. Dock managers will also notify building occupants when deliveries are received.

As a reminder, loading dock entrances are primarily for moving medical and laboratory equipment and supplies, construction materials, laboratory animals and supplies, and hazardous waste in and out of buildings. For employee safety, these entrances will be limited to dock managers, government and commercial delivery personnel and other authorized employees conducting necessary business.

Normal hours of operation for the loading docks are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding government holidays. To request after- hours services, email

For more information about loading dock management services or after-hour fees, contact Kenny Windsor at 451-9721.

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