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NIH Relay Race Resurrected, Sept. 27

Once upon a time, an annual relay race was held every spring at NIH. Teams from different institutes would gather on the lawn of Bldg. 1 and run a course that looped around the building. The teams were composed of both men and women, and usually featured such witty names as Primordial Ooze, Personnel Posse and Cloning Around. But after 18 years in a row, the event ended on the rainy afternoon of May 17, 1995. Construction projects near Bldg. 1 and other factors conspired to cancel the race.

But that was yesterday. This fall, the Institute Challenge Relay Race is being resurrected by the NIH Recreation and Welfare Association, along with many of the original members of the race's initial sponsor — NIH Health's Angels Running Club. The race, also assisted this year by the Office of Research Services, will be held on Friday, Sept. 27, beginning at 11:30 a.m. on its original course around Bldg. 1.

As in the past, each institute and center is invited to enter teams of runners. Each member runs a half-mile loop. The teams should include five runners, with at least two members of each gender represented. The winning team and their time will be engraved on the Allen Lewis NIH Memorial Trophy located at the NIH Fitness Center in Bldg. 31.

"The main purpose of the race is to have some fun, bring esprit de corps back to the campus, get some exercise and enjoy one another's company," said Randy Schools, president of R&W. "Gather your friends and coworkers together now and form a team. All kinds of teams are welcome, including contractors."

There is a $5 entry fee per team to cover all expenses. Group leaders should send an email that includes team name, participants and contact person to by Sept. 20. For more information, visit your nearest R&W store. Even if you don't run the race, volunteers are needed on race day. To volunteer, or to get more information about the race, call Julie Harris or Randy Schools at 496-6061.

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