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Dear Editor,

Reporting on the Mid-Pike Plaza shuttle: I arrived at Mid-Pike Plaza this morning at 6:17 and the 6:15 van was still there. The driver helped me into the van where two women were already seated in the very nicely upholstered seats. We left at 6:18 and arrived at Medical Center Metro at 6:30. Again, the driver helped two of us off the van. It felt like we had a chauffeur.

One of the women walked to Mid-Pike from the high rise across the street. She then took another shuttle to Rockledge. She does not own a car and was taking a cab to campus before the extended hours of the Mid-Pike shuttle were implemented (by the way, she did not know about Transhare.). The other woman works in Bldg. 31 and started using Mid-Pike some time ago as parking near Bldg. 31 became more and more difficult. She lives in Rockville, not convenient to the Metro. She really likes how the shuttle drops her right in front of 31.

I walked to Bldg. 41, which took about 8 minutes, and was quite lovely in the mild weather and little traffic.

I really do think that if people knew how comfortable and efficient this route is, they would come aboard. Perhaps there is some token — like a coupon to the cafeteria — NIH can offer people to just try Mid-Pike.

Dawn Walker,

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