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Atreya, Rodewald Join CSR

Dr. Prabha Atreya recently left the Food and Drug Administration to join the Center for Scientific Review. At FDA she had been a senior staff fellow in the Office of Vaccines, where her research was in the evaluation of vaccines for pediatric and other respiratory viral diseases. At CSR, she is a scientific review administrator, responsible for the review of small business innovation research applications assigned to the biochemical sciences integrated review group. Atreya trained as a postdoctoral fellow at Wayne State University. She was then a research associate at the University of Kentucky before entering government service as a senior staff fellow, first with the Laboratory of Infectious Diseases, NIAID, and then with the Laboratory of Pediatric and Respiratory Viral Diseases, FDA. She has published many articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Richard Rodewald recently joined CSR as the scientific review administrator of study section 6 in the cell development and function integrated review group. This section reviews applications for individual postdoctoral (F32) and senior (F33) fellowships, as well as for Academic Research Enhancement Awards (AREAS, R15s) in the areas of cell development and functions. While working on his doctorate, Rodewald was assistant supervisor of the electron microscope laboratory at Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory. He trained as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, San Diego, and at Harvard Medical School, department of pathology. In 1973, he moved to the University of Virginia, first as an assistant professor and later, in 1979, as associate professor of biology. In 1998, he was made program director in cell biology, division of molecular and cellular sciences, National Science Foundation. He has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals.

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