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October 17, 2000
Vol. LII, No. 21

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Patient Shows Resilience, Strength Through Competitive Swimming

NIH Wins 'No Gobbledygook' Award for NLM Trial Database

Symposium Explores Spectrum of Hypertension Research

MIT's Hopkins To Give Pittman Lecture

Sausville Gives NCI Partners in Research Lecture

Health Information Database More Useable

NIH Labor Partnership Council

Day Care Board Seeks Nominations

NIH Holds First
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Clinical Center's Alter Wins Lasker

Dr. Harvey J. Alter
The Clinical Center's Dr. Harvey J. Alter received the 2000 Lasker Award for clinical medical research during ceremonies in New York City on Sept. 22.

He shares the award with Dr. Michael Houghton, a scientist with Chiron Corp. It honors Alter's ongoing studies to uncover the causes and reduce the risks of transfusion-associated hepatitis and Houghton's continuing work in molecular biology to isolate the hepatitis C virus.
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Hispanic Heritage Month Observed
Kickoff Stresses Relaying Health Messages to Underserved Communities

By Carla Garnett

Researchers know that good dental health is a sign of good overall health. They can prove that family counseling can improve the lives of troubled youth, and there is evidence that care providers have a wealth of tools to fight mental health problems. None of this information can help, however, if those in the medical community are the only ones who know about it. Somehow, these and other health messages — messages that lead people to seek necessary medical services — must reach the populations they intend to serve, specifically Hispanics/Latinos, the fastest growing minority in the United States, in Montgomery County, Md., and also one of the most underserved.
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