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Day Care Board Seeks Nominations

The NIH day care board seeks volunteers to serve as members for a 3-year term. This is an opportunity to serve fellow employees and their families by helping to ensure the availability and quality of day care at NIH. The board currently meets bi-monthly for 2 hours.

The board serves as an advocate for quality day care, communicates day care information to NIH employees, and serves as a forum for discussion of day care issues. The board also provides recommendations to the NIH director.

Participation on the board is an official duty and may be included as a non-critical element on an employee's performance plan. Members are selected in such a way as to span the interests of employees and their dependents as well as represent the diverse population of the NIH community. Voting members may not have a financial interest in NIH-sponsored day care, except that they may have a dependent enrolled in an NIH day care program.

Membership is open to federal employees who work on the NIH campus or off-site facilities. Those interested in serving may self-nominate by sending a letter cosigned by their supervisor to George Mendez, Director, DSS, NSA/Suite 100, MSC 3355, which includes name, NIH mailing address, IC, branch, section, job title and brief biographical sketch. Nomination letters should describe why you wish to serve on the board. Nominations should not exceed 2 pages and should be submitted no later than Nov. 15. For more information, contact Deborah Henken at 496-5541 or Pam Jenkins at 402-8180.

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