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Maj. Danny Eugene Rains

The NIH Police Branch recently hired a new deputy chief of police, Maj. Danny Eugene Rains, 43, who has worked in various law enforcement posts for the past 22 years. His last position was chief of police for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital in North Chicago. His 11 years as head of VA police agencies has also included chief's posts at VA hospitals in Danville, Ill., and Houston. Rains has also served as assistant chief of police and detective at various medical centers throughout the country and has been both a patrol officer and an investigator. His new responsibilities include expansion of the current Community Policing Program at NIH and serving as head of the Police Community Relations Council, whose members include employees from all segments of NIH.

Nine Appointed to OAM Advisory Council

Nine new members have recently been appointed to serve on the Office of Alternative Medicine's program advisory committee. They are: Dana J. Lawrence, professor, National College of Chiropractic, Lombard, Ill.; Dr. Raymond H. Murray, department of medicine, Michigan State University; Dr. Karen N. Olness, director, division of general academic pediatrics, Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, Cleveland; Dr. Everett R. Rhoades, associate dean for community affairs, University of Oklahoma School of Medicine; Dr. Harry G. Preuss, professor, Georgetown University Medical Center; Dr. Alexander G. Schauss of Tacoma, Wash.; Dr. Paul A. Nutting, director, Ambulatory Sentinel Practice Network, Inc., Denver; Dr. Marilyn J. Schlitz, director of research, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Sausalito, Calif.; and Dr. Gilbert Rameriz, associate professor, department of public health and prevention medicine, University of North Texas Health Science Center, Fort Worth.

APAO Elects New Leadership

The members of the NIH AsianPacific Islander American Organization recently elected the following officers and council members for 1998: Mary Yuen, president; Victor Fung, vice president; Prahlad Mathur, treasurer; Molly Eng, executive secretary; Fu Sen Hu, co-executive secretary. Council members include Aftab Ansari, Bill Bunnag, Lucie Chen, Nancy Cummings, Hameed Khan, Sunnie Kim, Rita Liu, Opendra Sharma, Laura Sheehan, Thomas Shih, Rashmi Gopal-Srivastava, Sudhir Srivastava, Christina Teng and Nancy Wright.

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