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Goal Is $1,325,000
NIH Kicks Off 2000 Combined Federal Campaign

By Janet Howard

Photos by Bill Branson and Janet Howard

Beautiful weather — perhaps the harbinger of a generous giving season — abetted NIH's Combined Federal Campaign kickoff, held Oct. 3 in a tent erected in the Bldg. 31 courtyard. NIAMS director Dr. Stephen Katz, whose institute is the NIH lead for the campaign, is the effort's vice chair. He opened the program, speaking on behalf of NIH acting director Dr. Ruth Kirschstein.

"Dr. Kirschstein sends us a reminder that the success of the campaign depends on the active participation of NIH employees," he said. "She asks that we commit our time and energy to spread the word to all NIH employees about what a wonderful experience it can be to respond to the needs of those we have never met. Our financial goal for CFC 2000 is $1,325,000. Last year NIH exceeded its goal. Dr. Kirschstein also reminds us that our goals — as DHHS employees — should always include helping those who are least able to help themselves, because it all comes back to you."

NIAMS director Dr. Stephen Katz — this year's CFC vice chair — fronts The Artists, who played for the crowd.

Katz continued, "There are many people in our neighborhoods, our city, our country and our world who are incredibly vulnerable, and the CFC works to make a difference for those people."

Jim Donahue, special assistant to the FDA deputy commissioner and DHHS CFC campaign manager, stressed the importance of the CFC to the crowd, asking keyworkers to encourage all employees to participate by giving, by talking about the CFC to their peers, and by advertising the campaign using signs, email and word of mouth.

Jim Donahue, FDA and DHHS CFC campaign manager

The crowd then rock 'n rolled to such tunes as "Money (That's What I Want)," a specially rewritten version of the folk song, "This Land is Your Land," and "Runaway" by NIH band The Artists (formerly known as the Directors) featuring NIAMS's Becky German, lead singer; Katz on guitar and vocals; John O'Shea, lead guitar, mandolin and vocals; NICHD's Tracey Rouault, keyboards; and NIDDK's John Tisdale, bass guitar and vocals.

The band The Artists featured (from l) Tracey Rouault, Becky German, Katz, John O'Shea and John Tisdale.

Next, a puppet show called "Tree House," was presented by Blue Sky Puppet Theater. The play featured the talents of Steve Hildebrand and Penny Russell, who animated five puppets on an elaborate stage set. The show's theme — targeted toward the campaign's keyworkers — stressed how important it is to set a goal, strive for it and never give up.

Blue Sky Puppet Theater presents "Tree House."

Katz closed the program with an earnest appeal. "We can't give up on those who need us the most. Please give generously. It all comes back to you."

Enjoying kickoff festivities are (from l) Barbara Garner, loaned executive to the DHHS CFC, Bureau of the Census; Jim Ferrando, DHHS, CFC consultant; Edward Kiess, CFC senior campaign manager, National Capital Area; Peg Kerza-Kwiatecki, NIAMS & NIH CFC campaign manager; Donahue and Katz, NIH CFC vice chair.

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