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November 5, 1996
Vol. XLVIII, No. 23

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Safeguard Your Forms
Employees' Personal Data Used In Series of Recent Crimes

By Carla Garnett

Whether or not you realize it, the routine personnel forms you use regularly at work can be a gold mine -- at least to those with criminal intent. Some misdeeds investigated by NIH police in recent months have involved use of the personal information -- in particular, Social Security numbers and home addresses -- that for years was filled in benignly on every employee's biweekly Earnings and Leave Statement, leave requests and training nominations. Given details of the cases below, the security message is clear: Certain personal information must be safeguarded, and NIH has taken important steps in that direction.
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Chat With a Chess Champoin

By Rich McManus

Allan Savage of the National Library of Medicine recently won the title of "International Master of Correspondence Chess" by the International Correspondence Chess Foundation. He earned this distinction by tieing for first place in the 7th North American Correspondence Chess Championship. His victory there has launched him into the 3/4 final of the 19th World Correspondence Chess Championship.
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