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NIH Observes Fire Prevention Week

Photos: Ernie Branson

A pumper truck and several fire fighters gathered outside NIH's Bldg. 1 on Oct. 6. But there was no emergency. The confab was part of the agency's Fire Prevention Week activities, sponsored by the Emergency Management Branch of the Office of Research Services' Division of Public Safety. Smokey Bear visited, as did Ronald McDonald, Sparky the Fire Dog, and staff from the Maryland Forestry Department. NIH's own fire-safety workers -- including the bomb and search & rescue dogs and their trainers -- were also on hand to answer questions and give demonstrations. Door prizes of fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide and smoke detectors were given away. However, the most popular draw for passersby reputedly was the savory smoke emanating from O'Brien's Pit Barbecue Truck, which provided lunches at the event.

Smokey Bear and a friendly forest ranger remind kids: "Only YOU can prevent forest fires." Later, they all mug for photos in front of Bldg. 1.

Smokey Bear, icon of the Forestry Service, stops by.

1997 NIH Fire Prevention Week slogan contest winner Danielle Wittenberg of NIGMS is shown the poster bearing her "Fire Prevention: It's Hot!";by (from l) O.W. "Jim" Sweat, director of the Division of Public Safety, J.P. McCabe, chief of the fire prevention section, and Dick Shaff, chief of OPS's Emergency Management Branch.

The winner of 1998's contest, Ellen Vaughn of NIDDK is joined by McCabe and Shaff. Her winning phrase will appear on next year's posters.

NIH Fire Fighter Troy Lloyd and Sparky the Fire Dog give tips on safety.

Perennial Fire Prevention Week favorite Sparky the Fire Dog greets youngsters from the NIH preschool. Along with Daisy and Belle, Sparky had plenty of canine help to kick off NIH's Fire Prevention Week celebration.

The bomb detection teams of Ofc. Alan Blaum (l) and Daisy and Cpl. James Koval (below) and Belle, are on hand.

NIH fire fighters Sam Barnett (rear) and John Bede demonstrate a hazmat telescope.

Smokey Bear visits NIH and points out features of the pumper truck. On hand just for the day, he also managed to recruit several fire chiefs who were most eager to hear the siren and see the flashing strobe lights.

Kathy Kilinski (above, l) volunteers to operate the "Dial 9-1-1" booth for the day. She is joined by a few of the miniature fire chiefs NIH hosted from the NIH preschool.

One chief demonstrates the know-how.

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