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NCI Offers New Science Awareness Kit

The National Cancer Institute has developed a new communications program and information resource kit called "Cancer Research: Because Lives Depend On It." Designed to increase the public's awareness and understanding about laboratory, clinical, and population-based research, the kit explains how medical research has improved the health of Americans and is essential to achieving further progress against cancer and further improving the nation's health.

Elements of the program are based on extensive consumer research that reveals the public's confusion about medical news in general and cancer research in particular. Key findings show that although there is strong support for medical and cancer research, it is not based on a clear understanding of how research on cancer and other diseases is conducted. In addition, terminology used by the scientific community is not well understood by the public and sometimes carries negative connotations. The research report is also available and is called "The Public's Perception of Medical and Cancer Research."

NCI developed the kit for scientists and other health professionals to use as a resource in their communications to colleagues, the media, and the public to help foster understanding of the importance of medical research. The kit and the research report can be requested free of charge by sending an email to or a written request to Cancer Research Kit, Bldg. 31, Rm. 10A03; 402-0894 (fax).

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