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Zametkin Responds to California Wildfires

Dr. Alan Zametkin, NIMH intramural child psychiatrist and commander in the Public Health Service, was deployed for 2 weeks in November to the disaster response for the San Diego wildfires. The effort was mounted by the American Red Cross. Zametkin was sent to Julian, Calif., a community decimated by California's largest wildfire, covering 337,000 acres. Some 2,200 homes were lost and 14 people died. Zametkin provided psychiatric services to countless residents who had lost homes, businesses and neighbors. He spent 2 days with students of the Julian Elementary School and the Julian Middle School. Zametkin is a member of the Commissioned Corps Readiness Force, a highly mobile corps of service providers trained to respond to disasters. He documented some of the devastation on film, including this photo of a burned-out settlement.

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