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December 11, 2001
Vol. LIII, No. 25

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Post-Sept. 11 Strategies Debated
Current, Future Security Measures Weighed at Town Meeting

By Carla Garnett

The adage "you can never please everyone" might well have been written to describe reaction to heightened security measures taken and planned for NIH following the Sept. 11 tragedy. That's according to an unofficial barometer of employee remarks Nov. 19 at the first of four scheduled town meetings on "Safety and Security at the NIH." There was perhaps only one thing everyone could agree on: That is, NIH now conducts business differently than it did before Sept. 11.
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Leasure Is New Deputy Director for Management

By Rich McManus

Charles E. "Chick" Leasure Jr.
The two biggest jobs facing new NIH Deputy Director for Management Charles E. "Chick" Leasure Jr., who took over the post in early October from Tony Itteilag, are Restructuring, a department-wide mandate to keep all HHS operating divisions consistent with the secretary's leadership, and restructuring, which involves unpacking crates and settling into his new Bldg. 1 office after 36 years in a variety of executive positions throughout NIH.
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