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June 22, 2004
Vol. LVI, No. 13

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First Career Fair for Foreign Fellows Held at NIH

Barros Named
NIH Deputy Director

Intramural Scientists, Grantees Receive Presidential Awards

Human Resources Rolls Out New Systems

Four NIH Apprentices Celebrate Graduation

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Burke Paints Hopeful But Knotty Image of Medicine's Future

By Rich McManus

Dr. Wylie Burke
As the world prepares to reap what is certain to be a bountiful harvest of new health-improving knowledge from the Human Genome Project (HGP), it is heartening to realize that there are strong precedents already in place promising that the breakthroughs will conform to the public's great expectations: that prevention of disease will be enhanced, that access to new therapies will be wide, that quality of life will improve and that patients will remain able to chart their own fates by using their decision-making skills.
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Proud To Be Losers
Women Opt for Surgery To Lose Weight

By Colleen Chandler

These women know what it's like to lose — weight, that is. They can tell you about nearly every diet out there. They have tried them all. And they all failed. Until now.

Between them, Virginia Ivanoff, Elizabeth Ney, Nancy Wood and Alecia Anderton-Brown all from NIEHS have lost more than 530 pounds. But diets alone did not get them there.
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