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August 31, 2004
Vol. LVI, No. 18

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NLM Web Site Wins Harvard University's 'Oscar' Award

A Win-WINS Situation

Grateful Patient Brings
His Troupe to NIH

CDC Director Gerberding To Speak, Sept. 16

Iraqi Minister of Health Visits NIH

Federal Women's Forum 'Shares Success at One HHS'

What's Your NIH 'Firsts' HQ (Heritage Quotient)?

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Of Squid Cells and Other Slippery Subjects
Black Scientists Association Marks 10th Anniversary

By Carla Garnett

Dr. George Langford
The recent 9th annual John W. Diggs Lecture, which marked the 10th anniversary of the NIH Black Scientists Association, tackled two seemingly unrelated, but equally slippery subjects: cytoskeletal motion in squids and recruitment of minorities to science. Perhaps the one person qualified to marry such divergent topics served as guest lecturer, Dr. George Langford, the Ernest Just professor of natural sciences at Dartmouth College.
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It's Not the Shape, It's the Substance
NIDDK's Rodgers Offers Sickle Cell Update

By Rich McManus

For many years, doctors thought that the excruciating pain associated with sickle cell disease crisis was due to the sickled shape of the cell — the things were contorted like sharp boomerangs rather than like friendly little disks and were thus tearing up the microcirculatory systems of patients.
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