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October 26, 2004
Vol. LVI, No. 22

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Four Grantees Earn Nobel Prizes

NIH Adopts New Business System

Vaccine Shortage Forces Changes in Flu Immunization Program

Söderqvist Gives NIH History Day Lecture

Astute Clinician Lecture on Insulin Resistance

'Apprentice' Winner Rancic Establishes Kidney Cancer Fund

NHLBI Explores Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine

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'We Haven't Lost Our Pizzazz'
Gottesman Honored at Research Fest

By Rich McManus

Dr. Michael Gottesman
Apparently, the intelligent, witty and humane manner that characterizes most of NIH deputy director for intramural research Dr. Michael Gottesman's personal interactions is something that other people have noticed — he was the surprised recipient of an engraved crystal memento Sept. 28, just moments after he had delivered the 18th annual NIH Research Festival's keynote address.
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ORS Undergoes Restructuring
ORF Provides Infrastructure for NIH Science

At NIH, science is the undisputed star, but the staff of the Office of Research Facilities Development and Operations (ORF) is the backstage crew that creates and runs the set on which NIH raises the curtain every day. In a play, there would be no show if it weren't for crew members who build, light and maintain the sets that bring the whole thing to life. The NIH facility infrastructure is the stage on which NIH researchers perform the work that captures the world's attention.
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