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New Patient/Visitor Gateway To Open Soon

Patients and their visitors at the Clinical Center will soon be, quite literally, taken under NIH's wing as the new Patient Gateway opens at the intersection of West Cedar Lane and West Drive. Part security screening center and part CC hospitality station, the new structure — whose rooftop "wings" are designed to shield guests from the elements — is due to open soon. It's for use by patients and their visitors.

The gateway especially for patients, an idea championed by CC director Dr. John Gallin, is designed to provide a more hospitable welcome. "Our patients are important and we want their experiences here to be smooth from the start," he said. "The new entrance will simplify and ease access to NIH. Clinical Center hospitality staff stationed there will provide directions, answer questions and generally help ease the transition onto campus."

Patient Gateway mimics CRC front canopy.
Patient Gateway mimics CRC front canopy.

The facility itself features a 780-square-foot visitor processing center, two vehicle inspection lanes and a security booth. It's for entrance to campus only, although it can be used as a campus exit in emergencies. NIH security staff will conduct security screenings and vehicle inspections. The typical user will pull up, get out of the car, be greeted and go through security screening while his or her car is being inspected.

The gateway was designed by LSY Architects, noted Karen Rhodes, a program manager in the Office of Research Facilities. The same firm has designed the entire campus perimeter security system, including the fence, the campus entrances and the soon-to-be-built Commercial Vehicle Inspection facility along Rockville Pike near Cedar Lane. Construction began in September 2004 and is expected to be completed soon.

Heavy-duty gates and barriers bar the door once the Patient Gateway is closed during off-hours.
Heavy-duty gates and barriers bar the door once the Patient Gateway is closed during off-hours.

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