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CIT Training Offers Spring Courses

The CIT Training Program's spring semester 2005 is now open for registration for employees, staff and other users of NIH computing facilities. A wide range of courses is designed to help NIH'ers work as efficiently and effectively as possible. All classes are free; the full schedule, as well as registration information, is available at

There are over 130 different topics to choose from — over 30 of those new this term — and they are intended to meet the needs of all types of staff. The new courses include Windows XP tips, Presentation for Neuroscientists, Filemaker 7, Novell Linux, Perl, Listserv and a first look at the much anticipated Tiger.

For end users, "Windows XP Tips and Tricks" will help make use of configuration shortcuts, key strokes, policy settings and registry tweaks that customize and improve your XP experience.

With the introduction of "Fundamentals of Filemaker 7" and "Migrating to Filemaker 7," students can take advantage of the features of this substantially changed version of the software. Filemaker 5 and 6 courses have been offered at CIT for several years and there is a new generation. Users of Filemaker 6 may be interested to know that this semester will be the final offering in 6 classes.

Neuroscientists have four new entries in Presentation courses from Neurobehavioral Systems. Presentation is a precise and powerful stimulus delivery and experimental control program for neuroscience. It runs on any Windows PC, and delivers auditory, visual and multimodal stimuli with sub-millisecond precision. The courses include a general introduction to the Presentation software, information in programming experiments using Presentation Control Language, and a demonstration of a visual fMRI experiment from scratch to completion.

For the first time, CIT offers a full week of courses in Medical Image Processing Analysis and Visualization (MIPAV) training. The new class, "Writing MIPAV Plug-ins," has been added to four existing topics to provide students with a full range of MIPAV course options.

Two more new courses, "Introduction to Novell Linux Desktop" and "Introduction to Novell SUSE Enterprise Server," will introduce open source standards and common knowledge and skills needed in all Linux distributions. The Desktop course will help the student operate Novell Linux Desktop 9. Students in the SUSE Enterprise course will gain the essential skills required to log in to a multi-user Linux environment, to navigate the SUSE Linux file system and more.

"Beginning Perl" is offered this semester with a new instructor. This course provides a basic understanding of Perl, a flexible programming language that excels at reformatting data and manipulating long strings of text. Perl is a great first programming language for those who find spreadsheets too limiting.

Another course has been added in our Listserv category. The NIH Listserv currently hosts over 2,900 lists and was upgraded to the latest version in October 2004. "What's New in Listserv 1.8e for List Owners" is designed to explore the differences between the old and current versions, as well as additional features in the newest version.

The problems of control and space for servers are addressed in another new course. "Need Better Space for Your Servers? Consider Co-location" offers helpful information on this topic.

In addition to our regular courses in MATLAB, a new course, "MATLAB for Computational Biology" is offered this semester. This class will cover easy data import and manipulation, extensive data visualizations to aid intelligent conclusion-drawing and rapid application development.

For Mac users, Apple is sponsoring training for the upcoming version of the OS X Operating System, Tiger. The course titled "What's New with Tiger?" will provide students a preview of the much anticipated system.

In response to the increasingly critical issues in computer security, CIT is offering a new course, "Meeting the Challenges in Desktop Security Patch Management at NIH." This class joins returning favorites in security courses such as "SARA Basics," "Network Security and Firewalls," "Basic Security for Unix Workstations," and "Security Penetration Testing, A Practical Overview."

The NIH Library is offering three new courses, including "Reference Manager & Endnote Drop-in Clinic," "Drug Information" and "Complementary & Alternative Medicine."

The HHS Learning Portal now offers another venue of training opportunities for NIH'ers. Their online catalog offers more than 2,000 free e-Learning courses developed by Skillsoft, a top market leader in online learning. Topics include project management, communications skills, desktop applications and information technology. The Learning Portal, a joint initiative between HHS University and the Office of Personnel Management, just went live last month. For more information, visit

For more information on CIT classes, call (301) 594-6248, (TDD 301-496-8294).
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