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Vol. LVIII, No. 11
June 2, 2006

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Burst of Campus Flowers Draws Fans

Edwine Desruisseau, NHLBI
  Judy Yu, NHLBI Dr. Nasir Malik, NIDA

NIH Police Day: Good Dogs, Good Chow, Good Cops

Clockwise from top left:
Coco, a German shorthaired pointer, ID’s which bag has the explosive residue; Cops cook: Lt. Jim Skyrm (l) and Lt. Joe Cox do beautiful food together; Montgomery County Police officers Marcus Dixon and Joy Patil on infant-car-seat beat; Sgt. Rick Hawkins with drug-sniffer Flyer. Black Labrador Retrievers are prized for their high “fetch” drive.

The Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority’s SWAT team vehicle allows access to aircraft.

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