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NIH Record  
Vol. LVIII, No. 14
July 14, 2006
For CSR's Radtke, NIH-Based Fiction Comes True
Recent Heavy Storms Cause Major Campus Damage
ORWH Caregiving Seminar: Unique Challenges and Rewards
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Take a Number and Wait
How NIH Buildings Got Their Names
  Rhonda Proctor and Bobbie Tucker of NIH Events Management enjoy lunch on the “steps” of Bldg. 45’s east side.
Depending on how you count — whether you include parking structures or trailers — there are upwards of 80 buildings on the NIH reservation. Each is assigned a number, but a quarter of them also have names.

Ever wonder how that happened? For some, the naming process required a sequence of departmental memos and letters to counsel. Others were dubbed according to popular usage. And for others, it took an act of Congress.

Another Roadmap Emerges on Campus — Establishes Direction for NIH Police
A thoroughly designed, well-constructed roadmap will usually take you down the proper path — whether your goal is to take a much-needed trip or achieve some life-long dream. Of more interest to the NIH community is a new, comprehensive management plan initiated by the NIH Division of Police, a component of the Office of Research Services.