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Vol. LIX, No. 19
September 21, 2007

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NIA's Greig Receives Sato Award

Dr. Nigel H. Greig
Dr. Nigel H. Greig, who heads the drug design and development section in NIA's Laboratory of Neurosciences, is the 2007 recipient of the Sato Memorial International Award. The award is bestowed once every 2 years to a leading scientist in the U.S. who has made significant contributions to the fields of pharmacology, therapeutics and pharmaceutical sciences. Greig was honored at the 127th annual meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, in Toyama. Established by the Yoshio Sato Memorial Fund, the award is jointly administered by the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences and the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan. A pharmacologist with a background in medicinal chemistry and physiology, Greig is currently interested in the design and development of novel pharmacological tools and drugs to characterize and treat diseases prevalent in aging. His focus has been on neurodegenerative diseases, with particular emphasis on Alzheimer's disease. Ongoing research within Greig's program is focused on intervening in biochemical cascades leading to cell death that are common in a number of degenerative diseases. He heads the drug development team, a multidisciplinary group that aims to bridge medicinal chemistry with neurobiology and pharmacology. His team's work has resulted in the development of several agents from concept in the laboratory to the bedside.

Meet International Extramural Associates, Class of '07
Among those who pedaled with him were Dr. James Anderson of NIGMS and Jules Asher of NIMH. Along for a portion of the journey was NIDCR deputy director Dr. Isabel Garcia and her family, including 10-year-old son Adam.
Members of the International Extramural Associates Program summer 2007 class were recently introduced to the program and greeted by NICHD deputy director Dr. Yvonne Maddox (front, l) and program director Dr. Regina James (front, r). The program was created to promote the entry and participation of women and underrepresented minorities into biomedical and behavioral research. Extramural associates from domestic and international institutions come to NIH to learn about its grants process and to help develop a research infrastructure for their respective institutions. The new EAs include: (second row, from l) Dr. Jillian Inouye (Hawaii), Henry Tumwijukye (Uganda), Dr. Camellia Okpodu (Virginia), Dr. Nancy Devino (Georgia); (third row) Thuo Peterson Kariithi (Kenya), Dr. Jeffrey Pickens (Florida), Dr. Leonard Holmes (North Carolina), Dr. Lynette Horn (South Africa); (fourth row) Marimuthu Thirumani (India), Ganesh Aylur (India) and Dr. Brian McBurnett (Texas).

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