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Vol. LIX, No. 20
October 5, 2007

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Emails Will Remind NIH'ers to Renew ID Badges

To facilitate a smooth transition to the new ID badging process, the NIH Enterprise Directory (NED) is now sending a series of 3 automatically generated email alerts to all NIH employees and contractors with ID badges expiring within 45 days. The three notices will go out-at 45 days, 30 days and 15 days prior to the expiration date-alerting individuals to begin the personal identity verification (PIV) process to renew their ID badge. All three emails emphasize that the badge renewal process takes time and urge recipients not to delay. If a person does not have an email address, NED will send notifications to his or her administrative officer. To view the steps for renewing your ID badge, visit

Mammography Screening Begins, Nov. 6

The George Washington University Breast Cancer Center will be visiting NIH this fall for mammography screening. All NIH employees, their families, contractors, visiting scientists and others associated with NIH are eligible to participate.

The screening sites and dates are:

  • Bldg. 10 (lot 10H), Nov. 6 EPN/EPS (parking lot behind complex), Nov. 15
  • Rockledge (visitor parking behind RKL I), Nov. 19
  • Neuroscience Center (behind 6001 Exec.), Nov. 27
  • Bldg. 45 (front), Dec. 3
  • Bldg. 31, Dec. 5

The van will visit from 9:30 a.m. - 3:45 p.m., taking prescheduled appointments. Appointments should take about 20 minutes. Most insurance companies will cover the cost (about $350) of the screening. To see if your insurance is accepted or to make an appointment, call (202) 741-3020 and leave a message with your name and phone number. The GWU Breast Cancer Center will call you back and schedule your appointment.  

Any woman is eligible if she is age 35 or older, not pregnant, doesn't have breast implants, has no history of breast problems, is not having symptoms such as a lump in either breast or unusual breast pain and has not had a mammogram within the last 12 months.

Individuals with disabilities who need sign language interpreters and/or reasonable accommodation to participate should contact David Browne, (301) 496-6061 ext. 1 and/or the Federal Relay 1-800-877-8339 or email Requests should be made at least 10 days before the appointment.

APAO Welcomes Award Nominations

The NIH Asian and Pacific Islander American Organization intends to honor an outstanding manager and an exemplary scientist at its annual holiday award luncheon on Tuesday, Dec. 11 in Wilson Hall, Bldg. 1. A review committee composed of APAO members from several institutes and centers will evaluate nominations, which must be received electronically by Friday, Oct. 19 for consideration. To nominate someone, send a 1-page statement and, if applicable, a CV to Sally Hu (management nominations) or to Keiko Ozato (researcher/scientist nominations). For more information about the awards or APAO, contact Prahlad Mathur, (301)-435-4618.

Bike Club Endorses Civil Cycling at NIH

Fall is here and, with the cooler weather, bicycle commuting becomes a more appealing option and a scenic way to get daily exercise. As a public service, the NIH Bicycle Commuter Club reminds everyone about the rules of the road.

  • Bicyclists may enter the main campus through the pedestrian portals or any vehicle entrance. They must queue along with the traffic and cannot bypass the motorized vehicle line. These rules apply to exiting campus as well.
  • On campus and elsewhere, bicyclists have all the rights granted to and are subject to all the duties required of drivers of vehicles. This means they must stop at stop signs.
  • Bicycles must be parked at a bike rack or in a locker. Lockers are first-come, first-served and for day use only.
  • When conditions merit it, bicyclists must use a white light that penetrates at least 500 feet forward and a rear red light that is visible to traffic.
Contact the bike club via index.html if you have questions or concerns about bicycling safety at NIH and beyond.

NIH Record Email Updates Now Available

Want to get the Record fresh off the presses? Subscribe to our new email list and receive alerts to our latest issue. Every 2 weeks, browse the top headlines and links to our online edition right on your desktop. To get the updates, send an email to with "NIHRECORD" in the message body.

Designer Wood Honored for Bins

Rayne Ann Wood
Designer Rayne Ann Wood of the Division of Medical Arts, ORS, was recently honored for her design of the NIH Record distribution bins, which are located in 10 high-traffic places in NIH facilities. Her work was recognized by Graphic Design USA Magazine, which published its American Inhouse Design Awards in its July/August edition. The 200-page annual celebrates "the depth and breadth of inhouse design work and the increasing importance of this segment of the creative community." Wood's work earned her division a 2007 Certificate of Excellence.

NIDA's Volkow To Speak, Oct. 23

Dr. Nora Volkow
NIDA director Dr. Nora Volkow will give the third lecture of 2007 in the Anita B. Roberts Lecture Series: Distinguished Women Scientists at NIH, sponsored by the NIH women scientist advisors committee and ORWH. Her talk, "Why Is It So Hard for the Addict's Brain to Just Say No?" will be held Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 1:30 p.m. in Lipsett Amphitheater, Bldg. 10. The series highlights outstanding research achievements of women scientists in the Intramural Research Program at NIH.

Volkow's research employs brain imaging to demonstrate the toxic effects of drug abuse. In a recent Time magazine article, she argues that new medications with the potential to reverse the pathology of addiction need to be implemented sooner rather than later.

The seminar series is dedicated to the memory of Roberts, chief of NCI's Laboratory of Cell Regulation and Carcinogenesis from 1995 to 2006. Prior to her death in May 2006, she spent 30 years at NIH as a research leader. The lecture is open to all and will be followed by a question-and-answer session addressing career issues for women in science. Sign language interpreters will be provided upon request. Those who need reasonable accommodation to participate should contact Deirdre Andrews at (301) 496-3891 and/or the Federal Relay, 1-800-877-8339, 5 days before the lecture.

FNIH Honored as Top Charity

The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health is the top-rated charity among the 593 health category charities rated by Charity Navigator. With an overall 69.72 score (out of a possible 70.00), FNIH is the third highest rated among all 5,327 charities evaluated, according to the organization's August 2007 report. Charity Navigator rates charities by evaluating organizational efficiency, capacity and overall financial health.

Its rating system examines how responsibly a charity "functions day to day as well as how well positioned it is to sustain its programs over time...Our ratings show givers how efficiently we believe a charity will use its support today and to what extent the charities are growing their programs and services," the organization reports.

Charity Navigator bases its evaluations on financial information each charity provides in its tax returns, or IRS Form 990. It analyzes a charity's program expenses, administrative expenses, fund-raising expenses and fund-raising efficiency.

During the evaluation period, a high percentage of FNIH's total expenses supported programs; low percentages of expenses were for administrative costs and fund-raising. The foundation spent less than 1 cent of each dollar raised to support fund-raising. Moreover, FNIH experienced 73.2 percent growth in its primary revenue over the last 3 fiscal years cited and 87.5 percent growth in program expenditures during that period.

brown fox
brown fox
Campus Photographers Hound Foxes
We asked in our Sept. 7 issue for photos of the brown fox that has been seen rambling around campus and found that there is more than one. Michael Garner, NIH assistant fire marshal, has seen several in the vicinity of Bldg. 15 in recent months, including the ones he captured in the top photos. NCI's Gregar Odegaarden snapped the bottom picture of a fox "scratching an itch up against Bldg. 37, near the south entrance on Aug. 21." Images of campus wildlife are popular with readers; if you have some to share, contact us.
brown fox

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