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Vol. LXIII, No. 9
April 29, 2011

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NIAID Fellows Recognize Outstanding Mentors

Dr. Kanta Subbarao Dr. Rick Fairhurst

Dr. Kanta Subbarao

Dr. Rick Fairhurst

NIAID recently awarded its third annual Outstanding Mentor Award to Dr. Rick Fairhurst, chief of the malaria pathogenesis and human immunity section, Laboratory of Malaria and Vector Research, and to Dr. Kanta Subbarao, chief of the emergency respiratory viruses section, Laboratory of Infectious Diseases. The award acknowledges exemplary mentoring and guidance to the institute’s research trainees.

“We are now publicly recognizing the many mentors at NIAID who are dedicated to sharing knowledge and inspiring and instilling confidence in our fellows,” said Wendy Fibison, associate director for NIAID’s Office of Training and Diversity.

Subbarao is working to better understand the pathogenesis of influenza and the development of vaccines against pandemic strains of the virus. One of her mentees said she “embodies everything I have ever hoped for in a mentor.”

Fairhurst focuses on mechanisms of malaria pathogenesis, human genetic resistance to malaria and acquired immunity to malaria and travels frequently to malaria-endemic areas. One of the nominations in support of his award noted that the term mentor is “overused and underexplained.” It described Fairhurst as a trusted counselor, a teacher and an inspiration—“Rick redefines the word mentor to me.”

Both awardees have trained numerous students from both the United States and abroad. They received their awards at NIAID’s fifth annual Fellows Retreat, held recently at the National Press
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