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Vol. LXVI, No. 21
October 10, 2014

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Recruitment for 2015 Leadership Programs

Are you interested in further developing your leadership acumen? If you are just embarking on your career as a leader, or if you’ve been a successful leader for many years, the NIH Training Center (NIHTC) offers two leadership programs to meet your needs. Consider one of the programs to help you reach the pinnacle of your career and explore current best practices in the leadership discipline.

A key benefit of participating in NIHTC leadership programs is the informal networking that occurs. You will form meaningful relationships with colleagues throughout NIH who have varying roles and areas of expertise. Program alumni continue to provide feedback to NIHTC about the value of these contacts.

NIH Mid-level Leadership Program (MLP)

Filling a gap between junior-level development and senior/executive leadership programs, the Mid-level Leadership Program (MLP) lessens the impact of impending retirements and turnover in leadership positions. Long requested by the NIH community, this program launched successfully in 2011 and garners consistently high regard from participants and their supervisors. The program develops IC-nominated employees in GS 12-14 and equivalent positions by preparing them to fulfill current and impending demands as front-line leaders. Rather than targeting technical supervisory skills, which are addressed through mandatory NIH supervisory training, the program provides employees with individual leadership skills and knowledge that will aid them in leading from both supervisory and non-supervisory positions.

NIH Senior Leadership Program (SLP)

The NIH Training Center, in collaboration with the University of Maryland School of Public Policy, is entering the 15th year of offering this cornerstone NIH program. Highly praised by senior scientists and administrators for its relevant content, experiential learning activities and exceptional faculty, the program focuses on leadership competencies that will enable high-performing participants to achieve organizational goals. Twenty-eight participants will work with peers and scholar-practitioners while developing a strong trans-NIH cohort. Four program series are included in this call for nominations. Nominations consist of 4 to 6 managers within your IC from both the scientific and administrative communities. An individual application is not required, but ICs can opt to use a sample application template for internal vetting purposes.

Note on NIH Executive Leadership Program (ExLP)

After several successful years of the NIH Executive Leadership Program, this program will not be recruiting for FY 2015. As all option periods on NIH’s 5-year contract with the Brookings Institution to deliver this program are complete, this program is currently undergoing a formal assessment to help us plan for future offerings designed for our aspiring and existing “Top 5” leaders of science. While applications for the ExLP will not be accepted at this time, leaders within your IC who prefer not to wait until FY16 to apply to the 2016 ExLP are encouraged to consider the following NIHTC resources:

  • NIH Senior Leadership Program
  • Executive Coaching/Team Coaching
  • NIHTC Courses

Unsure of how MLP and SLP compare? For a brief side-by side overview or for other training details, visit If you have questions, contact your executive officer or: Mid-Level Leadership Program—Derrick Prather,; Senior Leadership Program—Hannah Alexander,

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