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Vol. LXVII, No. 19
September 11, 2015

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New Campus Food Contract Awarded

A new food services contract for the Bethesda campus promises healthier food choices, ecofriendly utensils, renovated cafeterias and even a Starbucks and Cosi.

The Bethesda Campus Food Contract was awarded to Eurest Dining Services, a division of Compass Group USA. Under a no-cost performance-based contract, Eurest will continue to operate five cafeterias (in Bldgs. 10—B1 and ACRF, 31, 35 and 45) and two coffee bars (Bldg. 10 CRC and Bldg. 35). The contract is for 5 years, with two 5-year options to extend at the government’s discretion, based on performance. The new contract officially began on June 14.

There will be new, healthier food options, as the contract includes the addition of a second full-time registered dietitian on the Eurest staff. Menus will include more local produce and better reflect the international composition of the NIH community.

You may have already noticed new compostable utensils and food service supplies, demonstrating NIH’s commitment to green and sustainability initiatives. These components were written into the new contract.

The newest aspects of the partnership are the renovations and rebranding that will take place over the next 5 years. Eurest will begin renovations in Bldg. 10 and Bldg. 45 around December 2015. Plans include a Starbucks in the north lobby of Bldg. 10 to replace Au Bon Pain, a rebranding of Bldg. 45 into a Cosi and a major redesign of Bldg. 10’s B1 cafeteria. Future plans could include renovations to the cafés in 31, 10 ACRF and 35. These makeovers will offer innovative food concepts, competitive prices, nutritious options and an updated look.

Planning for the new contract started more than 3 years ago when the Division of Amenities and Transportation Services, Office of Research Services, assembled a food team consisting of both internal members and representatives from the institutes and centers. The selection was made after a review process lasting 18 months.

The food team collected feedback from customers, surveyed regional food service suppliers, reviewed other recently awarded food contracts similar in scope, conducted site visits and researched relevant federal requirements and HHS policies.

Seven proposals from food service providers were received. A technical evaluation panel reviewed and scored the proposals and conducted site visits to local facilities operated by the proposers. Final panel review was held in April, when consensus was reached to award the contract to Eurest.

If you have questions about the contract process, contact John Crawford of DATS, or (301) 402-8180. For more information and updates about NIH food/concession services, visit

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