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ORF’s DEP Updates Waste Disposal Guide

A book cover with a child's drawings and handwriting that reads: "Keep the water clean so we can drink it."
The ORF revised its NIH Waste Disposal Guide.

The ORF Division of Environmental Protection (DEP) has revised the NIH Waste Disposal Guide

The guide is a comprehensive, detailed document and foundational tool for managing the different categories of waste generated at the Bethesda campus and the facilities owned and leased by NIH in Rockville, Poolesville, Baltimore, Gaithersburg and Frederick.

The 2022 version of the guide reflects the changes to the current local, state and federal environmental laws and regulations that have occurred since the previous issuance in 2014. 

Hard copies are distributed by the NIH chemical waste contractor during waste pick-ups and by DEP staff during laboratory compliance inspections. The guide can also be requested and delivered to your lab by calling the Waste and Resource Recovery Branch at (301) 496-7990.  

To view an electronic copy of the guide, visit

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